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Research proves that reading aloud to a child improves listening comprehension skills, builds a capacity for critical thinking, increases vocabulary and context knowledge and sparks a positive association with reading.

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How BookPALS Works:

The School

  • Commits to a partnership with BookPALS for the duration of the school year
  • Agrees to opening classrooms to scheduled volunteers
  • Provides an on-site contact to coordinate volunteer placement
  • Communicates with BookPALS the changing needs of the school

The Teacher

  • Commits to a regular schedule with BookPALS (minimum of 1-semester)
  • Manages the behavior of students during class read aloud
  • Offers book suggestions that complement classroom curriculum
  • Completes a short survey each semester of participation to ensure program funding

The Reader

  • Commits to a partnership with the school and BookPALS (minimum of 1-semester)
  • Trains for and prepares an age-appropriate read aloud for each classroom
  • Performs weekly, 30-minute read aloud in 2-consecutive classrooms
  • Communicates with on-site school coordinator and maintains regular schedule
  • Completes short program survey at the close of each semester

Literacy Program Manager

  • Commits to a partnership with the school for the duration of the school year
  • Recruits, screens and trains readers for classroom read aloud
  • Communicates with on-site school contact for new reader placement
  • Manages volunteer placement and schedules
  • Administers short program surveys every semester to measure impact